We are Critical Knowledge.

We are a highly specialized search firm that has built an unmatched capability to handle the most difficult searches globally. Because of the sophistication of our approach, clients come to us for their most critical senior roles, and for unique, difficult, specialized or highly technical roles.

  • We do not use traditional methods. Our operations leaders have deep backgrounds in strategic
  • We pioneered the application of advanced strategic intelligence methodology to human capital sourcing.
  • We do not rely on limited personal relationships; we build unique, specialized relationships with subject matter experts globally for every search we do.

The result is our ability to deliver at a level no one else can.

We do not use traditional methods. Our operations leaders have deep backgrounds in competitive and defense intelligence. Clients call us in the most difficult and challenging situations to bring in talent for critical roles. Through the sophisticated methods we use in our investigations, we are consistently able to bring in talent inaccessible through other means.

We do not rely on the personal relationships of our personnel. We build unique intelligence networks of key subject matter experts for every search we do.. In the course of our investigations, we are able to leverage the vast sector knowledge and mine the deep industry contacts of such subject matter experts to reach into places that others cannot.

What we do is fundamentally different. Traditional executive search and talent sourcing is title driven, with recruiters calling lists of individuals with comparable job titles.

Through our investigations, we amass comprehensive intelligence with respect to talent in specific areas and build sophisticated assessments covering every relevant player and identified interest within a given sub-segment. These strategic assessments, in conjunction with the deep industry contacts of our subject matter experts, consistently funnel our operations team toward those individuals best-suited to execute the demands that drive success in a given permanent role or project assignment – and are deemed by expert colleagues to be the most capable of executing at the highest level.

Our capability is global and far-reaching. The nature of what we do takes us into extremely specific and specialized segments of markets and across the far reaches of the globe. The nature of our model, and the breadth and depth of our international reach, allows us access to any place, anywhere, at any time.

Our client relationships often begin in situations where organizations have hit a wall in sourcing key talent or are facing an unusually difficult challenge.

We are consistently able to come in and deliver results – often when clients have tried a range of other options without success.

We work closely with executives of organizations from multiple sectors. Given our deep global knowledge of talent markets there is often opportunity for genuine, long-term mutual benefit.

“I would strongly recommend organizations work with CriticalKnowledge, especially in difficult situations…They were able to deliver when no one else could. When you need specialized talent in difficult situations, I would suggest you contact them. They have demonstrated the capability of generating results in a way not a lot of traditional alternatives can.”

Executive Vice President, Global Fortune 500 Company