How We Are Different.

We specialize in the most difficult challenges in sourcing critical talent.

Other firms navigate particularly challenging situations in sourcing critical talent from time to time. By contrast, we specialize in the most challenging and complex situations. We are frequently called in when the most prestigious firms in the world have failed. The proof of the power our operating model is in the results we achieve when all other options have come up dry.

We do not use traditional methods.

Our operations leaders have deep backgrounds in competitive and defense intelligence. We pioneered the application of advanced strategic intelligence methodology and technology to human capital sourcing and deployment. Through the sophisticated methods we use in our investigations, we are consistently able to bring in talent inaccessible through other means.

We do not rely on the personal relationships of our personnel.

Unlike traditional recruitment, we do not depend on the limited personal relationships of well-connected consultants or partners within the firm. In sharp contrast, we operate systematically on the basis of individualized networks of subject matter experts built specifically for every search we do. As a result of approach, our accessible contacts in even the most esoteric areas within given sectors are many times greater than either global recruitment firms or niche sector-focused recruiters.

Traditional search and talent sourcing is title driven. What we do is fundamentally different.

Traditional executive search and talent sourcing is title driven, with recruiters calling lists of individuals with comparable job titles. Through intelligence-led investigations, we amass comprehensive intelligence with respect to talent in specific market segments and build sophisticated assessments covering every relevant player and identified interest within a given sub-segment. These strategic assessments, in conjunction with the deep industry contacts of our subject matter experts, consistently funnel our operations team toward those individuals best-suited to execute the demands that drive success in a given permanent role or project assignment – and are deemed by expert colleagues to be the most capable of executing at the highest level.

We consistently reach talent inaccessible through traditional means.

The intelligence process we follow allows us to mine a very different pool of talent than traditional recruitment firms. Through the human intelligence provided by our global intelligence driven approach, our accessible contacts in even the most esoteric sub-segments within sectors are many times greater than the personal relationships of any sector focused partner or consultant of either a niche sector recruiter or a global recruiting firm. We are simply able to reach talent others cannot, anywhere in the world.

We provide substantially greater certainty the talent is the best available.

In traditional recruitment practice it is difficult, if not impossible, for clients to know whether the candidates they have chosen are the best available or whether a firm has investigated only a fraction of the potential market. By contrast, we conduct an exhaustive intelligence survey of the entire market sub-segment. We believe, in fact, that our operating model provides us the capability of identifying and evaluating every key player within given sector sub-segments at a detailed level.

Critical talent speaks more readily with us.

Senior talent speaks more readily to us as a result of the nature of our operations. Because our approach is fundamentally different, and because we come in with deep strategic and operational understanding of relevant areas of expertise, as well as deep contacts with top experts in a candidate’s sector, we bring enormous credibility to our discussions with senior talent.

Our evaluative standard is fundamentally different.

We are experts at the operational assessment of individuals. The assessment standard we use as the basis for our operations is fundamentally different from traditional approaches and is defined, first and foremost, by the ability of an individual to execute the operational demands of a given role at the highest level identified in the sector. Experience and lists of accomplishments serve merely as a baseline from which we begin our investigations. In order to evaluate in this way, it is necessary to be conversant with the operational complexities that make or break success in a given role. We gather and synthesize this information through in-depth analysis of information from a cross-section of experts in the field. By the time we consider the behavioral competence of individuals to execute, we understand at a deep level the key leverage factors that drive success in a given field.

We know precisely what we are looking for.

The key to what we do is that through the course of our investigations we are able to determine precisely what we are looking for. We undertake detailed operational assessments with 30 to 40 specialists with deep expertise in relevant areas in order to build a comprehensive breakdown of precise components that make or break success in a given operational role in the context of the overall value stream relevant to that role. The depth of our investigations and our access to a cross-section of experts in a given field often provides our clients information about a role or project with which even they were not previously familiar.