A revolution in sourcing talent
The most difficult challenges in recruitment
Recognized global expertise in diversity

‘We work with six of the top executive search firms in the world and none of them could have delivered the talent that CriticalKnowledge did.’

Senior HR Executive, Fortune 500 Company

Executive Search. Redefined.

Our Values

Delivering in spite of all obstacles.

We believe our clients come to us for one purpose – because we deliver what we say we will. We do not believe in excuses. We believe in getting things done in spite of all obstacles, and often in spite of all odds.

Bringing the most sophisticated methodological and technical capability to bear in what we do.

We leverage the most sophisticated operational and technical capability to source critical talent available in the world. Human capital sourcing has not substantively evolved from a technical perspective in more than 40 years. We believe our proprietary methods genuinely revolutionize the way recruitment is done.

Maintaining a pragmatic, total focus on results.

We are driven, above all, by results. Our operational approach is most technically advanced available. But we are interested only in what works. We are not interested in elegant approaches that do not get results in the real world. Our measure lies in the results we achieve for our clients. Period.

Working continuously to build trust.A key component of what we do turns on building enduring relationships with our clients.

We work to help our clients solve critical needs for talent as effectively as possible. Our first priority is to satisfy our clients and to take ownership of their challenges.

Doing what needs to be done with unshakeable integrity.

We work to the highest ethical standards with exceptional professionalism. We want to do for our clients simply what they need us to do. Too many firms confuse their needs with clients needs. We believe in doing what is necessary for the client – from the client’s perspective. Always.

An unwavering commitment to our clients’ long-term success.

We believe that our commitment to our clients – to their long-term growth and success – is what allows us to provide outstanding quality and exceptional value. Our drive to ensure our clients’ well-being is our prime differentiator as a firm.

Diversity. Driven by Innovation.

Our firm was built on solving some of the most difficult challenges in executive search in the world.  Because of that, we have had to develop a toolkit that is completely unique and an approach that differs significantly from traditional methods. Fundamentally, the experience we built in the early stages of our business in executing some of the most complex and difficult searches in the world enables us to identify and explore a range of diverse target pools that typically go unexplored.

Search processes that focus on pre-existing networks tend highly to favor traditional candidates. The methodology we use is exceptionally sophisticated in its ability to identify and target diverse talent within any specialized array of job parameters.