Formal Investigative Methodology: ILS is a structured investigative methodology that is significantly more sophisticated and intensive than traditional title driven search.

High Precision: ILS provides the capability to identify precisely the nature of the talent being sought to an exceptionally high degree of certainty.

Comprehensive Coverage: ILS provides the capability of comprehensively covering all key players and identified interests within specific market sub-segments, almost without exception.

Segment & Geographic Reach: The distributed nature of ILS provides the capability to reach into even the most esoteric sub-segments on a sector basis, in a highly localized fashion, almost anywhere in the world.

Capability to Address Complexity: ILS focuses on gathering comprehensive operational and market intelligence from expert human sources, and provides the ability to fuse a multiplicity of intelligence sources to provide a comprehensive cross-section of knowledge concerning the key factors that define best-in-class for a given role.

Structured Approach to Bias: One of the key advantages the intelligence driven approach provides is a rigorous methodological focus on eliminating cognitive and systematic bias both in process and analysis. Reduced bias leads almost inevitably to significantly improved quality in results.

Speed: ILS provides the capability to gather intensive intelligence on a global distributed basis in limited time periods.

Rapid Adaptation: ILS enables rapid adaptation to changes in the target market sub-segments and/or client-side changes in orientation.

Superior Assessment Standard: ILS depends on building a comprehensive, best-in-class operational model which we believe provides the most effective and intensive talent assessment standard available from any source.

Reduction in Uncertainty: ILS provides for significantly reduced uncertainty in sourcing. ILS reduces uncertainty on multiple levels with respect to: a) precision of targeting; b) market coverage; c) assessment and appraisal.

Risk Mitigation: ILS significantly reduces sourcing risk. Higher precision in targeting, robust expert input, specific targeted expert referrals, and an assessment standard derived from a comprehensive operational modeling, all contribute to reduced risk.

Improvement in Quality: ILS leads to significantly improved quality through precision of targeting, depth and sophistication of evaluation, and utilization of networked external third party referencing, among other things.