Our Experience

Critical talent is the proven differentiator between organizations that succeed and those that fail. Comprehensive research have shown that the ultimate limitation to the growth and success of great organizations lies in the ability to source critical talent.

Exceptional talent is scarce, and identifying and cultivating individuals who can genuinely make a difference within organizations is complex. Today’s globalized, competitive environment has amplified these issues significantly. Talent has become critical to maintaining competitive advantage in the vast majority of sectors. The pace, scope and complexity of change is increasingly dramatically. Sourcing critical talent is set to be the single most important business challenge of the 21st century.

Companies we work with are driven to achieve competitive advantage through talent in this new environment. They consistently offer us up their most difficult challenges in search as a test of both our capabilities and the results we can achieve. When they do, they recognize the core capability of CriticalKnowledge to bring in critical talent in the most difficult situations when no one else can.

Why do some of the world’s most prestigious companies call on us?

  • Our clients understand that we have the ability the deliver when no one else can in the most difficult situations, worldwide.
  • We operate in multiple sectors, across a wide range of complex situations, in geographic locations throughout the world.
  • Our clients understand that human capital is the core source of their ability to compete and succeed in the new competitive marketplace.

“I would strongly recommend organizations work with CriticalKnowledge, especially in difficult situations…They were able to deliver when no one else could. When you need specialized talent in difficult situations, I would suggest you contact them. They have demonstrated the capability of generating results in a way not a lot of traditional alternatives can.”

Executive Vice President, Global Fortune 500 Company