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Critical talent is the primary driver of competitive advantage in the new knowledge economy. Increasing competition and globalization, in conjunction with rapid technological change, has created an environment in which the need for critical talent is becoming profound. The oncoming demographic shift as the baby boom generation moves out of the workforce into retirement will only serve to hasten this trend.

Studies have consistently shown that critical talent is the primary differentiator between businesses that succeed and those that fail. Business leaders are rapidly coming to understand that the old ways of sourcing critical talent are out of place in the ultra-competitive talent markets of today and tomorrow.

Unlike most industries, the search industry has not fundamentally evolved from an operational and technical perspective in more than 40 years. We believe that CriticalKnowledge represents a significant advancement in human capital sourcing. CK was founded as a result of these serious, increasing demands on organizations to bring the best talent from anywhere in the world. We have re-defined talent sourcing in the context of these new demands.

CriticalKnowledge leverages the most advanced sourcing methodology in the world. We pioneered Intelligence-Led Sourcing (ILS), which derives from the application of strategic and defense intelligence methodologies, tools and techniques, as well as technologies, to human capital sourcing and deployment. Our operations personnel have deep backgrounds in competitive intelligence, strategic intelligence and defense intelligence. We have built a global intelligence network that provides deep, localized intelligence with respect to key talent on five continents.

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