ILS Structure

Operational Modeling Operational modeling is a key aspect of ILS. Operational modeling, or operational process modeling, focuses on breaking down the critical components that drive value for a certain role in terms of internal systems in which it operates. Operational modeling breaks down the nature of the role in the context of the overall value
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ILS Process

Traditional recruiters focus on filling a role. CriticalKnowledge operates quite differently. Fundamentally, we focus on defining with a very extreme level of specificity the strategic need through the development and population of a detailed operational model of the role. Through this process of coming to understand the critical components that define best-in-class in the role,
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ILS Characteristics

Formal Investigative Methodology: ILS is a structured investigative methodology that is significantly more sophisticated and intensive than traditional title driven search. High Precision: ILS provides the capability to identify precisely the nature of the talent being sought to an exceptionally high degree of certainty. Comprehensive Coverage: ILS provides the capability of comprehensively covering all key
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Intelligence Led Sourcing (ILS)

CriticalKnowledge takes a fundamentally different approach to the traditional title driven techniques on which search has relied for more than four decades. The essence of what we do lies in our ability to amass comprehensive intelligence in specialized areas in ways other firms cannot. Through our investigations, we develop intelligence with respect to talent in
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