CriticalKnowledge has demonstrated to us a capability to produce exceptional results for a particularly challenging situation.  They develop a genuine and thorough understanding of the operational issues around the role in question at a level that allows them to deliver to the precise operational demands of a given situation.

Based on our experience, CriticalKnowledge really understands retail.

In this case, our need was complex, multi-faceted and urgent, and the required individual needed to be able to contribute immediately to our ability to effectively lead and manage significant processes, systems and organization changes within our merchandising and buying team.

We felt that this was not a situation where a standard recruitment approach would have been effective in getting us what we required. CriticalKnowledge does things very differently and that may be what allowed them to exceed our expectations for this search. Moreover, they were able to meet this need on a compressed timeline so they “pulled out all the stops” to help us get what we needed, when we needed it.

CriticalKnowledge is to be commended for their expertise and for their commitment to delivering at the highest level.

– Executive Vice President, Merchandising, HDS Retail North America (Leading Global Fortune 500 Retailer)

Executive Vice President, Merchandising