We engaged Critical Knowledge to undertake specialized searches for a CEO and a Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing for a major new subsidiary that provides satellite based AIS data for the maritime industry; initiatives that were central to the company’s future growth objectives.

As a former executive, returning to lead the recruitment of the senior management team for the subsidiary, I needed to bring in a firm that could work closely with us at an operating level to define strategic talent issues and source qualified candidates to meet our needs.

CriticalKnowledge was chosen over other high profile alternatives for this critical work. We made this decision because CK demonstrated a unique understanding of the fundamental nature of the business . They did not disappoint.

CK engaged in a sophisticated process that took them deeply into the operational , technical and strategic nature of the roles in question. They approached the work at a significantly deeper level: They were not only concerned with key skills and experience, but also with determining at a core level the operating components that drove success in a given role and they used that knowledge to identify, evaluate and define talent.

These searches were, in all senses, global in nature. Through this process, CK reached out across the world to investigate the talent market. Ultimately, the results CK achieved were exceptional.

I continue to be impressed with CK’s ability to access great talent anywhere. They demonstrated high integrity and tireless efforts in the context of what were, at times, difficult circumstances. I genuinely enjoyed working with them and will do so again in the future. I would give them my highest recommendation. They are truly expert in what they do.

–¬†Senior HR Consulting Executive,¬†exactEarth Ltd. (Global Satellite Data Services Company)

Senior HR Consulting Executive