Critical Executive Search

Critical Executive Search

Exceptional executive talent is scarce, and identifying and hiring the right people is paramount in driving results in competitive organizations. CriticalKnowledge sources critical talent for key executive roles. Because executive searches are by their nature specialized searches, CK’s intelligence-led sourcing model is often the most appropriate means to achieve optimal results. In the vast majority of cases, if these kinds of searches are not treated in a highly specialized way, results will be suboptimal.

Executive searches should also more frequently be categorized as difficult searches. In a significant minority, there may only be a handful of individuals worldwide who are truly appropriate to take on a specific role within an organization. Developing shortlists based on comparable job titles as in traditional title driven search is relatively straightforward. Consequently, ideal results can be elusive, because companies are simply not aware of the range of options they are missing.

It is precisely what is missing that should be of concern to organizations. Shortlists which appear complete, but are missing key individuals and/or segments, are more dangerous to organizations that the lack of a solution, because negative results only become clear after key hiring decisions have been made – in other words after it is too late.

The intelligence led nature of the CK operating model provides the capability for:

  • Effectively addressing the highly specialized nature of executives searches
  • Identifying critical talent in situations where relatively few individuals may be appropriate worldwide
  • Identifying talent in difficult situations where critical expertise seems unusually problematic to locate
  • Specifically mapping all key players and identified interests within given relevant market sub-segments in order to specifically define what may be missing and either mine those areas or specifically identify why mining those areas is unfeasible.

Board Search

A variety of complex challenges face boards of directors in the new globalized, competitive marketplace. Increasing shareholder activism, an expanding focus on corporate governance, growing stringency of regulatory oversight, and an increasingly complex risk management environment – in conjunction with the broad socio-economic and competitive challenges facing corporations – create a context in which board searches are highly specialized and often exceptionally difficult challenges. Given our focus on the most difficult challenges in sourcing critical talent, we are well-positioned to assist boards in meeting the most complex board search requirements..

CriticalKnowledge’s networked, intelligence-led operating model connects us to some of the most respected and influential players worldwide in specific sectors and sub-sectors and provides us deep insight into the specific operational issues and strategic issues that form the background for success in the board context in given industry segments.