Independent Consulting Experts

Independent Consulting Experts

Companies periodically need to tap into specialized expertise to complete projects they do not have the internal capability, resources or management time to cover effectively. At the same time, many executives do not feel that traditional consulting is appropriate in many situations, and may have doubts about the delivery models of such firms.

CK can help you meet this challenge.

We regularly bring in experienced independent consultants to drive internal initiatives or solve complex problems for which companies generally turn to sector consultancies. The contract consulting work we do always has one thing in common: Highly specialized expertise targeted at a complex internal challenge.

We provide organizations with rapid, flexible access to frontline experts on par with the senior level personnel of the most prestigious global or niche consultancies. We have a deep, world class stable of independent consulting experts.

We work with some of the top companies and organizations in the world – from process reengineering with one of world’s largest banks, to real estate analysis and transition with a major European retailer, to operational turnaround with a Fortune 1000 industrial services company, to performance measurement with a major technology provider, to HR operations with a large healthcare institution, to competitive intelligence with a top government ministry, to urban planning with a well-known municipality.

The independent consultants we bring in have hands-on experience putting solutions into practice in real world business contexts. They are highly talented professionals with proven records focused on executing specific operational objectives, as well as helping clients strengthen their own capabilities through skills transfer, mentorship and coaching of permanent staff.