Specialized Professional Staffing

Specialized Professional Staffing

Our capability to bring in technical and operational capability on a contract basis is substantial. We regularly bring in specialized professionals to undertake specific operational and technical projects with clients on a contract basis. We are able to bring in individuals who have ‘been there and done that’ many times over in specific areas – individuals who are sector specialists and functional specialists. As a result of our operating model we also have the capability to address highly time sensitive needs.

Increasingly, companies are recognizing that the strategic use of specialized contract professionals can be an extremely effective way to supplement internal personnel and carry out focused work with clear objectives.

This trend is expected to accelerate in the coming decade, as companies’ needs for sophisticated expertise, and their desire to remain lean and intensively focused on their core business, rise. Companies want optimum flexibility and are turning more frequently to solutions that provide them scalable, just-in-time expertise. The flexible approach that was pioneered in logistics is being rolled out to areas of human capital that lie beyond companies’ core operations. External specialists are brought in ‘just-in-time’ and paid for practical work with clear results.

Companies do not have sufficient time and resources to efficiently locate the talent they need, rigorously screen it – assess credentials, experience, expertise and integrity – and monitor ongoing progress. Ultimately, they simply do not have the wherewithal to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Criticalknowledge professional staffing provides for high flexibility and agility in meeting needs for critical knowledge, allowing:

  • On demand specialized talent who have “been there and done that”
  • High flexibility and adaptability of resourcing
  • Potential for fluctuating adjustments to team size and capability over course of project
  • Potential for rapid scalability of resourcing

Specialized Project Teams & Project Outsourcing

CriticalKnowledge can rapidly deploy highly specialized teams with deep vertical knowledge and functional expertise focused on achieving specific, defined operational objectives.

Bringing in specialized project teams through CriticalKnowledge can be an extremely effective way to staff key projects with highly experienced veterans in order to drive achievement of overall project objectives. It can provide the means to bring specialized expertise and capabilities into an organization, while freeing internal resources to concentrate on ongoing operations and core competencies without a long-term increase in overhead.

In specific resource constrained and operations-driven environments, organizations may consider CriticalKnowledge managed project outsourcing solutions which allow managers to selectively retain control, minimize risk and reap the desired benefits of short-term flexible resource loading while leveraging outside expertise and specialized resources. This approach can mitigate many of the challenges associated with specialized resource constrained projects and ultimately improve both quality and results.

Specialized Managed Staffing Solutions

CriticalKnowledge has the capability to provide customized staffing solutions that meet highly specialized needs. Examples include managing targeted task forces on client premises focused on driving capabilities in specific areas, or overseeing a client’s contract staffing needs and managing a client’s contract workforce. Such cases may involve the establishment of on-site offices at client facilities and the provision of expert resources on a localized basis. These specialized solutions provide the potential for rapidly advancing quality and client capability in critical areas, or across the board.