I highly recommend CriticalKnowledge and would work with them again. They are able to deliver specialized talent in the most difficult circumstances.

We needed specialized senior level talent with expertise in lean manufacturing to come in to restructure operations in an underperforming plant. The requirements for this role were demanding and extremely specific in scope. We had been seeking a candidate for this role through a range of other options for a long period of time without success. CK was brought in and delivered results.

They operate at a far higher standard than any other firm I have encountered. I get calls all the time from recruitment firms I am not interested in. CriticalKnowledge, however, is quite different.

– Director of Operations, G&K Services (Leading Worldwide Industrial Facilities Services Company)

Director of Operations

I would recommend CriticalKnowledge without hesitation. In my experience, they have an unmatched capability to deliver key talent under the most difficult circumstances.

In order to build out our operational risk framework and internal policies some years ago, we required a very senior executive with world class experience and expertise in risk management.

We viewed this as an exceptionally challenging project for which other firms would simply not have been either capable or appropriate. CriticalKnowledge undertook an intensive process that thoroughly mapped out our needs and ultimately produced an individual from out of country with extraordinary qualifications.

We have since returned to CriticalKnowledge multiple times, most recently to bring in senior level HR talent. CK is an impressive organization with a powerful, proprietary approach. They are real experts. You will not regret working with them.

– Director of Global Risk Management, Nexen (Global Energy Company)

Director of Global Risk Management

CriticalKnowledge has demonstrated a unique and impressive capability to deliver specialized senior talent in particularly difficult circumstances.

We had been seeking a highly experienced, senior level expert to work with us on process facilities for a multi-billion dollar capital project – a large green field mine facility.

We had demanding requirements, including the ability to function persuasively and effectively at the board level, as well with the senior leadership of global partner organizations. CriticalKnowledge indicated to us they had a very sophisticated approach that would yield results and we decided to test their ability to deliver.

They undertook an intensive investigation and brought in the ideal individual from out of country, in addition to a team of skilled individuals to support him.

We continue to come back to them to search for other specialized personnel as necessary. I would have no hesitation in recommending CriticalKnowledge. We believe they are a highly valuable business relationship for us.

– Vice President, Mining, UTS Energy Corporation (Energy Exploration and Development Company / Participating Ownership in some of the Largest Heavy Oil Projects in the World)

Vice President, Mining

After a number of attempts with other firms to locate a senior level individual to represent the owner in leading the Engineering and Procurement activities for a billion dollar project, we presented the challenge to CriticalKnowledge.

CriticalKnowledge was able to define in detail the overall scope of the challenge, and in relatively short period of time identified a highly specialized individual from a remote location who possessed the capabilities, skill set and attributes required for the role. A project is a unique, non-repetitive and dynamic activity designed to achieve change with a defined start and finish, specific objectives and deliverables, and has limited funds and resources.

This particular project was technically complex and capital intensive and therefore required extensive project management discipline. The individual presented by CriticalKnowledge had extensive project management experience and was able to execute the project process with the required level of discipline.

Faced with similar difficult challenges in the future, I would not hesitate to utilize CriticalKnowledge again.

– Director, Suncor Energy (Global Fortune 500 Energy Company)


UTS Energy has been a client of CriticalKnowledge for more than year. During that time we have employed the services of several senior level cost specialists through CK a number of times and have also used CK to search for other senior specialized talent. We have been very satisfied with the service provided by CriticalKnowledge and the talent the firm is able to bring in. We found CriticalKnowledge’s attention to detail particularly impressive.

We had very specific and demanding requirements for the specialized talent we were seeking and had extensive discussions with CK’s key operations personnel to ensure they were fully understood. In our experience, CK’s process is uniquely intensive. As a result, the senior talent proposed had an ideal combination of expertise and experience. The hard work was done for us and we did not have to sift through numerous alternatives. CriticalKnowledge has also been thorough in follow up to ensure we were satisfied with the performance of the talent they brought in.

We have been very happy with the services provided by CK and will certainly come to them in the future whenever we need specialized talent.

– Vice President, Engineering, UTS Energy Corporation (Energy Exploration and Development Company / Participating Ownership in some of the Largest Heavy Oil Projects in the World)

Vice President, Engineering

I have the highest respect for CriticalKnowledge and the expertise they bring to bear.

Their approach is fundamentally different than any other search firm or professional recruitment firm I have encountered. They understand the strategic and technical complexities of the business at a deep level and were able to investigate and validate my ability to execute the critical components of those things that make or break success in my work. I have rarely encountered individuals outside my area who were more conversant in the operational specifics of what I do and better qualified to assess my ability to execute. In our business, top talent is rare and extremely difficult to source.

I recommend them without qualification.

– Former Managing Director, Light Sources, China (Global Manufacturer and Distributor of Lighting Products)

Former Managing Director