I would highly recommend CriticalKnowledge to source talent in complex and critical situations. I was seeking to fill a position on a interim basis to lead an internal department and maintain progress on several strategic initiatives we had put in place in order to significantly reduce cost and improve efficiency. Getting the right individual was crucial.

CriticalKnowledge was able to bring in senior talent who had excellent experience in relevant areas and the ability to move things forward even in the context of a complex operating environment. The individual they brought in did remarkably well. She was able to step in quickly, assess personnel and processes, and recommend numerous system changes. CK understands healthcare, and they understand how important the intangibles are, in combination with expertise.

– Vice President, Human Resources, Humber River Regional Hospital (Leading North American Acute Care Hospital System)


Vice President, Human Resources

When first contacted by CriticalKnowledge, we were dealing with production efficiencies issues that we felt we could resolve with a fairly extensive internal corporate-wide resource base. Four months later, we had incrementally improved, but a step change was needed.

After contacting CriticalKnowledge, they were able to provide us with an individual with significant specialized expertise and manufacturing management experience. Through his vast experience, knowledge, and skills, a sophisticated investigation of our needs was done, a plan was proposed, and changes put into effect. We achieved an immediate step change and, with the foundation provided by CriticalKnowledge, we are working on longer range plans that should provide another step change. I would like to thank you and your organization for a job well done.

– Manager, Sumitomo Bakelite Corporation / Durez Corporation (The Worldwide Leader in Engineering Thermoset Resins and Molding Compounds)